First Friday Photo

CelebrationWe were invited to the park to celebrate the first day of summer.  My friend brought this wonderfully large parachute.  I remember loving when my teachers brought out the parachute when I was in school.  I wondered why they didn’t bring it out more often.  

I thought after a year of choosing photos every day that choosing one a week would be easy.  Not so.  It was still hard.  I wondered which photo was the best.  I ended up making my choice for a couple reasons.  I loved the way the lines on the parachute lined up.  I also liked the memories of playing with a parachute as a kid.  Finally, I am thinking about using different focal lengths.  This one is with my 20mm lens.  This is the kind of picture that I couldn’t take with my old reliable 50mm or my new sweetheart the 100mm.  These next few are also taken with the 20mm lens. 


2 thoughts to “First Friday Photo”

  1. I loved the parachute when I was a kid, would get super excited when the gym teachers would break it out in P.E.

    These are such cheerful photos! Happy summer! : )

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