2|40 Water Play


Summer Snow

Summer — time for some water photographs.  The difference in the way the water is captured in the two photos above is shutter speed.  The first was taken at 1/250 of a second and the second at 1/1600.  Here’s what the first one would have looked like at a faster shutter speed (1/1250):

While we were at the pool, my daughter asked if she could help with a photo.  I couldn’t turn that down.  With such a willing participant, I was able to try both a fast and slower shutter speed and see what I liked better.  I like the motion of the drops in the top photo as well as her expression. (I said to her, “Look like you’re having fun!”)  In second photo, I liked the drops being frozen.  It brought to mind snowy photos from six months ago in weather that is hard to imagine today. 

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