Let’s Ride!

50mm: ISO 125: 1/3200/sec: f1.8

In the past few days my boy learned to ride a bike.  On Sunday, he wanted to ride but only if I was holding on to the front and back of the bike.  On Monday, he wanted me to get him started and keep holding the back of the bike.  Yesterday, as he rolling along on the bike, without thinking he put his feet on the pedals and started to ride.  I was walking beside him with his little sister.  He looked over at me and said, “I didn’t know I could do that!”

50mm: ISO400: 1/50 sec: f/11

When his sisters got home, he wanted to surprise them.  They were excited and got their bikes out to ride with him.  

50mm: ISO400: 1/500 sec: f/2.5

When it was time for dinner he said, “Let’s go in for a little snack and come back out and RIDE!”

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