37|40 Cool Down

Our neighbor got out her hose on a warm evening.  I’m happy about the return of water photos.

On a technical note – I set the shutter speed is 1/80 to get the water to look like lines in the above photo.

Above is the first one I took. I didn’t like the blue slide and chairs in the background and I thought the water would be lit better if she turned around.  The shutter speed on the above photo is 1/200.  

2 thoughts to “37|40 Cool Down”

  1. Thanks for including your notes on these photos. Isn't interesting how sometimes the background detracts from a photo and sometimes it adds important information or sets a photo in time and space? I've been thinking about how I usually like a simple background (like your first photo). But often my girls like to see something in the background (like the slide and chairs). . . because that is part of their world. It's nice to have both!

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