What I’m Trying Right Now

I started this blog after my year of pictures in 2010.  Last year I did 40 Friday Photos.  A picture every day was too much.  A picture almost every week wasn’t enough.  

Last week I was looking at a mother/photographer’s blog. She was doing her project to record the year for her family.  This is the third year she’s done it.  All of the photos are of her family, unapologetically. I’ve been checking it every day.

For the past week or so, I’ve posted a photo every day.  I like it.  It’s not a photo from every day of the year.  This one is from a few weeks ago but I never got around to posting it. (The lips!!) I’m not committing to doing it for a year.  If I miss a day, I won’t quit.  But, I’m going to try it: post at least one photo every day. 

4 thoughts to “What I’m Trying Right Now”

  1. I love emotions in this picture 🙂 Great!
    I'm doing 365 now… And I wonder what to do next 🙂 You are right, picture every day is too much, but every week – not enough 🙂 But I love to capture our family life and I like this idea about photos everyday but without commitment 🙂

  2. I'm excited because I check your blog almost everyday. I did about 240 of a 360 and loved every min. (well, that may be an exaggeration -the lov'in it part). I love the acorns picture on your header. Can't wait to see what's next…

  3. Thanks friends. I'm going to write a little more tomorrow about doing posting every day. I've been thinking about it a lot today.

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