Bubble Weather

When I saw how cold it was, I got excited. It was cold enough to freeze some bubbles. (About zero fahrenheit.)

Do you remember last year when it was so cold? I got a lot of practice freezing bubbles. (Those photos are right here.) This year I was ready. I knew that the best mixture included corn syrup and the best surface was very cold and covered with a layer of bubble juice.

I thought ahead and froze a block of ice so I could move it around to whatever light worked best. I forgot to get a bubble wand but found that our turkey baster worked just fine.


Autumn’s Doorstep

I loved playing with acorns as a child.  Last night I collected a coffee can full of big acorns from our neighbor’s lawn.  My little girl played with them this morning.  She put them in the can, took them out, put them in…

1/125:: f4.0::100mm macro lens 

I took the above photo of the acorns specifically for the banner.  I was thinking about how to make a long rectangle and how to make the pair of acorns stand out.  Here’s how I did it:

The green stand is made of some modeling beeswax that was handy.  (I’ve used this trick before.)  I made sure there was lots of room around acorn pair to allow for cropping.

I used the macro lens because I wanted lots of detail.