67: Time for a Change

Savanna has beautiful, thick hair, but doesn’t like to brush it.  (“It hurts Mom!”)  Like most parents, I want to see my girl’s face.  Like most kids, she’s fine with her hair hanging in her face.  Her hair has been a source of conflict for years – and she’s only nine.

I told her I would take her to Bill at Hair Friends, who cuts my hair. She wasn’t interested at first but then she asked me to make an appointment.  I called right away – before she had a chance to change her mind.She was looking forward to having her hair washed.After some discussion, Bill started cutting.And cutting.Then it was time for a little styling.And done! She loves it.  So do I.

On a Technical Note: I used auto ISO for these. In low light situations like this and last weekend’s dance competition, I found it works well. 

3 thoughts to “67: Time for a Change”

  1. She looks beautiful! My daughter is the same way about her hair, and she's nearly 19. Guess hair will always be a "conflict" between mothers and daughters. ; )

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