Try It: Bring Your Camera

On Saturday, I went to my brother and sister in law‘s house.  As I was getting ready to go, I picked up my camera.  I had no specific reason to bring it, but I knew that the light in their living room is great for photos.   I thought maybe I’d get a photo like this one of my little girl.

Canon 7D: 50mm 1.4: ISO 400: 1/250 sec: f/2.0

A little later, I saw this moment between cousins unfolding, and I was happy to have my camera nearby.

Canon 7D: 50mm 1.4: ISO 400: 1/500 sec: f/3.5I was even happier to have it when this moment with my brother and his daughter quietly arrived.

Canon 7D: 50mm 1.4: ISO 400: 1/250 sec: f/2.5

I started bringing my camera with me routinely when I was posting a photo on Flickr every day last year (my 365 Project).  I learned that bringing just my camera with a 50mm lens is pretty easy.  (The 50 mm is a small lens.)  And even though I didn’t always strike gold when I took the trouble of bringing my camera along, I never got any great photos when I left it at home.

So, try it: bring your camera.  You may come home with nothing, but you might come home with a treasure.

Share your treasures here.

3 thoughts to “Try It: Bring Your Camera”

  1. This morning I went to wake up the girls and the light was so beautiful. I said "stay in bed! I'll be right back with my camera!" I thought of you taking advantage of these kind of moments. I grabbed my camera and ran back up stairs. Anne looked so cute and disheveled in her nightgown under her new quilt and Elsie was reading and looking put together as usual. I brought the camera up to my eye and…
    DEAD BATTERY! haha! I'll just have to keep that scene as a memory 🙂

  2. Oh yes. The dead battery, the forgotten memory card… The wonderful thing about life with kids is how another similar moment will be offered again soon. And even without a photograph taken isn't there something about noticing the beauty of that ordinary morning?

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