40|40 Beach Birthday

My birthday was on the last day of a long vacation to the beach.  We spent the morning enjoying the surf and then packed up and drove home.  

The first week of our trip we spent with the “big” family: my parents, brothers, sister and everyone’s kids.  The second part of the vacation was with my own “little” family for a few more nights.  There were too many photos from the whole vacation to chose just one.  (Last night I thought, “I’ll just email a few photos to my family to remind them of our fun time.”  I sent over forty.)  I decided to go with these four as a series from my fortieth birthday since it was turning forty that inspired this year long project of Forty Friday Photos.

3 thoughts to “40|40 Beach Birthday”

  1. Happy birthday, friend! I've enjoyed your year of forty Fridays. Excited to see what comes next. Glad it was a good time at the ocean.

  2. So glad you are back! And Happy Birthday! What a perfect way to end your 40 Fridays. . . I am also excited to see what comes next. You inspire me to keep taking photos, Jenny.

  3. So clever of you, my dear, to have your 40 Friday Photos end on your fortieth birthday! Just like your 13th birthday, when you announced that you had gone an entire year without drinking soda pop … I didn't even notice. What's up for the next year? I love following your photos, so I hope you have something up your sleeve about photos, not pop.

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