Up Close

1/200: f3.2

I know some people like to get perspective by backing up and looking at the big picture. I find comfort in looking at something close up.  Noticing a tiny, beautiful detail about a child who is having a moment is like focusing in close on a weed in the yard.  It doesn’t make it go away, but it no longer looks like a problem.

1/250: f5.6

I mentioned in a recent post that I’m using my 100mm macro lens more because my 50mm isn’t working. (It is on it’s way right now to be repaired.)  Most of the time I just use the 100mm and back way, way, way up.  At a distance, it’s not wildly different than a 50mm.  

These photos are examples of letting the macro lens shine.  When I think of macro photography I usually think of bugs and flowers.  I like bugs and flowers but I love children.  So, I was looking for good kid/macro subjects.  I tried a few other things up close (chalky fingers and a scraped knee), but I liked my niece’s eyelashes and freckles best.

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