15: Make a List

Maybe you don’t get discouraged by how few things you can accomplish in a day.  I do.  As I’m waking up I think about things I need to do.  Sometimes I write the ideas down but most of the time the list is in my head.  Make dentist appointments.  Clean off the buffet in the dining room that is piled high with all manner of papers and whatnot.  Do laundry and put it all away!  Make bread with Atticus. The list goes on.  I get out of bed.  The girls are fighting.  Augusta wants me to hold her.  I want some coffee.  Here we go.

I look around at three in the afternoon when the girls are about to come home and think, “What have I gotten done today?”

Today, I was starting to feel like it was another one of those days.  I got out a piece of paper. Instead of writing a to do list, I started writing down things I had already done. The list was longer than I’d expected.  It looks like I underestimate how much I do every day at least as much as I overestimate what I can get done in a day.

The buffet is still covered in papers. The kids have dentist appointments in a few weeks and some clean socks.

19: Proud

I was heading out to the park with Augusta. My neighbor was carrying his grandson back from the park.  I asked if I could take their picture.  I gave a print of this to his wife yesterday.  She was thrilled with it.  It’s already up on their wall.

35: Bubble Crazy

They were enjoying blowing bubbles while I was enjoying taking pictures.  I couldn’t tell on my camera’s LCD screen how these bubbles were shining.  I would have stayed in that spot longer if I had known.

Stay tuned for some more bubble pictures.  We went a little bubble crazy for a few days.