Canon 7D:100mm 2.8 macro:ISO 800:1/200 sec:f/3.2

Last summer, I bought blueberries at the farmer’s market.  They were warm, fragrant and bursting with flavor.  They were beautiful and I wanted to take a picture of them.  Before I could get a photo, they were gone.

Yesterday I was out shopping with my two little ones.  My son saw blueberries and he was thrilled when I said yes.  I knew their flavor wouldn’t be like the blueberries we had in June, but I knew we’d enjoy them.  We have, but they are not summer blueberries.  The winter blueberries were around long enough for me to get a photo.

For this photo, I used a macro lens.  I started out with my 50mm because it was on the camera.  I changed the lens because the 50mm needs to be at least 18 inches from the subject to focus.  I wanted to get closer.  

I took the berries out to the porch.

In order to get just one berry in focus, I put it up a little higher than the others.