Dancing the Month Away

Canon 7D: 50mm (old faithful): ISO 400: 1/200: f/2.8

For us, the month of March is a month of Irish dance.  The past two Saturdays we’ve been at Irish festivals where she performed with her dance school.  Next Saturday is the St. Patrick’s day parade, which is how Savanna got interested in Irish dance when she was just three.  

As I wrote last year, following her interest in Irish dance has been surprising.  I never imagined my girl in a wig and make up at nine.  But here we are.  She loves performing.  She shines when she takes the stage.

Canon 7D: 60mm (borrowed) 24-105L f/4: ISO 400: 1/400: f/4.0

Canon 7D: 82mm (borrowed) 24-105L f/4: ISO 400: 1/250: f/4.0

Canon 7D: 55mm (borrowed) 24-105L f/4: ISO 320: 1/320: f/4.0This was the first well lit dance venue ever.  I was thrilled and have hundreds of photos (not all of Savanna!) and even an video as a result.  (I don’t know how to edit video yet. It’s straight out of the camera.)

11: Practice

My oldest, Savanna, is getting ready for a big Irish dance competition in November.  She goes to lessons three or four times a week and practices on our porch on the other days.  In the above photo, she’s waiting on the porch for her ride to class. 

When it comes time to compete, there is a fancy costume, a wig, and make up.  But, most of the time she dances like this: in shorts and a t-shirt with her hair in a pony tail.

I brought her to this bench for a jumping photo.  While she was waiting for me to get my camera ready, she started to dance.