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The Family Photographer 32: Andrea Moffatt on Telling Our Family Stories

This episode is an interview with Andrea Moffatt. Andrea is a mother of two boys who loves to photograph her family’s stories. She recently created a break out for Click Photo School titled, The Stories that Make Us.

Our conversation starts by Andrea telling us about how she captured her family’s experience of the recent solar eclipse.

family photography podcast with andrea moffatt

Andrea talks about how and when she likes to free lens or use a lens baby. Recently she used it after she dropped off her son at his first day of kindergarten. Another time she used it was when she was worried about a sick child.

There is lifestyle photography, what Elena Blair does, and the photojournalistic photography of Kirsten Lewis. Andrea uses a documentary approach and she consciously adds her own experience to the photo.

Andrea and I both live in the Pittsburgh area and enjoy taking our kids to the zoo here. We’ve both photographed our kids with the polar bears there. As Andrea has learned more about making photos and telling stories well her photos of the polar bears have gotten better.


Andrea and I both love reading. We talked about a lot of books in this episode. Here are some.

Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

Some Writer by Melissa Sweet

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

More about Andrea: Website, Instagram, Click Photo School

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The Family Photographer 31: Elena Blair on Beautifully Posed Family Photos

I’m thrilled to share this interview with Elena Blair. Elena is a mother of three who photographs newborns and families in the Seattle area. She loves sharing what she’s learned about making family photos and running a business and has created many resources for family photographers. Elena recently recorded a great class on Creative Live titled Lifestyle Family Photography – Posing and Direction.

In this podcast interview with Elena Blair, we talk about why she feels family photography is important. Has it ever seemed to you like wedding photography or commercial photography is real photography and family photography is just this little thing we like to do? Elena feels strongly that family photography isn’t less important than other genres.

Elena shares with us how she thinks about posing families. She’s not talking about stiff or formal posing but she does pose her families. This conversation isn’t just for people who photograph other people’s families. You can use her posing ideas when photographing your own family, your brother’s family or your parents.

Elena talks about the moment she stopped posing newborns and what inspires her when she photographs newborns now.

Find out more about Elena: Website, Instagram, Facebook

A big thanks, as always, to my sound editor, Suzanne Llewellyn, for putting all the pieces together and making the show sound great.

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The Family Photographer 30: Rebecca Wyatt – Capturing Magic on Halloween

It’s Halloween! Do you have your kids’ costumes ready? Me neither. But I am prepared to take great photos, thanks to my conversation with Rebecca Wyatt about capturing magic on Halloween. Rebecca Wyatt is a family photographer and mother of four. Over the years, she’s figured out how to make great photos while her kids enjoy Halloween.

On Halloween night, kids get in their costumes and the last thing they want to do is pose for a photo. They want to start the serious business of trick or treating. Rebecca says, don’t get in their way. Let them have fun. Instead, let them dress up a day or two before Halloween. They’re excited about their costume and will be happy to get into character. Take them outside in good light and get some portraits. You can even take them to a location – a firehouse for a fireman, or a cemetery for your ghost or skeleton.

When the night of Halloween comes, get a quick photo of your kids with their friends and them let them enjoy the night. Look for opportunities to capture their excitement. I sometimes get photos of neighbors reacting to my kids’ costumes. My kids also love proudly holding up their favorite candies.

We usually start trick or treating when it’s still light out, but before long it’s dark. Look for interesting lighting for your photos after dark. Rebecca suggests using flashlights and streetlights for interesting effects.

I love getting photos of the kids pouring out and sorting their candy. My kids spend some time trading candy and eating some before it’s time to brush their teeth and get to bed.

Rebecca Wyatt now has a breakout in the Click Photo School titled Real Life: Capturing Life’s Moments as Only You Can.

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The Family Photographer 29: Xanthe Berkeley on Making Family Films

Today’s show is a interview with Xanthe Berkeley. Xanthe is a mother of two boys who lives in London. She loves making photos and films of her life. She also teaches others how to make every day films of their lives.

In today’s conversation Xanthe talks about why she loves making films, and how she makes them. If you are familiar with her work, you will enjoy hearing her talk about how she doesn’t crash when filming herself biking.

We talk about the music she uses in her films and why you can’t just use your favorite tunes in the films you post on Facebook. xanthe’s makes films every weekend – She talks about how she keeps it fresh and challenges herself. We talk about the courses she’s teaching these days and what she enjoys most about teaching people how to make time capsule films. This conversation really encouraged me to make more little movies of life – even if I don’t have time to edit them at the moment. I hope you too are inspired by this conversation with Xanthe Berkely.

Find out more about Xanthe and see more of her work: Website, Instagram, Online Courses, Twitter, Facebook

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The Family Photographer 28: Yan Palmer talks about Love

It’s an interview with Yan Palmer. YAY!

We talk about:

  • A photo of a student’s mother that made her think of her mother raising ten children
  • The photos she wished she had with her mom
  • Why she is not taking new family sessions or teaching her workshops these days
  • Her podcast: The Love Love Love
  • What she was asked at workshops every time (posing, gear, pricing) and the other questions she really wanted to answer
  • What I could learn from my son’s yard sale success
  • Desiring suffering and giving birth as a powerful metaphor

This conversation had me thinking for days. I hope you enjoy it.

I talked to Yan before – you can hear that right here.

Listen to Yan’s podcast: The Love Love Love.

For 10% off Teethkiss use THIS LINK. (We said on the show it was a coupon code but this link is what will work.)

More about Yan: WebsiteInstagram

Thanks as always to my sound editor, Suzanne Llewellyn, for putting it all together and making it sound great.


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The Family Photographer 27: Erica Montgomery on Finding Great Light for Family Photos

In this interview with family photographer, Erica Montgomery, we talk about how creates beautiful lighting in her family photography.

Erica tells how she uses her garage for portraits and how she loves to find pockets of light in her home to photograph her children in.

We talk about this photograph she made of her daughter after she lost a beloved uncle. She tells us what inspired her to pick up her camera and how it helped her.


Find out more about Erica on her website, Instagram and Flickr.

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The Family Photographer 26: Nick Kelsh on How to Photograph Your Life

This episode is an interview with Nick Kelsh. These days Nick teaches people like you and me at How To Photography Your Life. Nick has been making photos since he was in junior high and has years of experience. He’s been a newspaper photographer, collaborated with Anna Quindlen on the books Naked Babies and Siblings and his photograph of a baby is on the cover of A Day in the Life of China.

I was introduced to Nick when my oldest was a baby and I got his book, How to Photography Your Baby. It’s a book that is full of great ideas for photographing the baby in your life.

On today’s show, Nick tells us what will help make better photos right away – photograph someone you love close up in great light. Nick says people think learning aperture, shutter speed and ISO is the hard part. He says what’s harder to learn is how to appreciate the quality of light and good composition. We talk about the photos we can make at home in the drama of every day life. We also talk about the photos Nick took and didn’t take when he son was born early and was in the NICU.

Nick’s classes on Basic Photography, Going Manual, Portraits and Lighting, Editing in Lightroom and Smartphone Photography. Classes start September 11.

Here is an example of doing what Nick talks about – photographing someone you love close up in beautiful light. On the show we talk about making great portraits like this in your garage.

We also talk about the drama of life with kids. Nick tells us about making this series of baseball photos.

Find Nick on his website and Facebook.

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The Family Photographer 25: Erin Blinn

In this episode, I ask Erin how she feels about being the family photographer and how she shares her photos with her family. Erin joined the 365 Flickr group last summer. I talk with her about what inspired her to start a project and how the doing the project helped her see her life in new ways. Erin now serves as staff photographer for a children’s hospital. prior to that she was a full time wedding and family photographer. I ask her about why she changed and what she’s learning at her new job. It was pleasure to have this conversation with Erin and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it too.

Some things we talked about in the show:

Charity Water

The movie 45 Years

This episode of This American Life

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The Family Photographer 24: Molly Flanagan: Visual Storytelling

molly_headshot_webIn this episode, I talk with Molly Flanagan. Molly is a mother of three, she runs the Define School with Kelly Hatcher and teaches a class there titled Visual Storytelling. Molly photographs families in their homes as they are. In her photographs of her own family and of families she photographs, Molly strives to celebrate the heart of the home – not domestic perfection but the nurturing and comfort offered there.

In this interview with Molly Flanagan, we talk about how she began photographing her family and how her work evolved from posing families in the park to documenting families at home. We also talk about how she travelled the United States with her family last summer, photographing and teaching along the way.


The Family Photographer 23: Kevin Mullins on Candid Family Photography and Tackling Common Family Photo Challenges

Screenshot 2017-07-26 09.53.32In this interview with Kevin Mullins, we talk about what he loves about candid family photography. Kevin tells us how he deals with common family photography challenges – the uncooperative subject, the photobomb kid and fake smiles. I ask Kevin about his workflow – he starts with Photo Mechanic. And find out which little Fuji camera Kevin recommends for parents.

More about Kevin: Weddings, Families, Gear

Photo Mechanic

That little Fuji Camera

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