The Family Photographer 21: Cheryl Hanna-Truscott – Photos from a Prison Nursery and Maternity Ward in Haiti

In this interview with Cheryl Hanna-Truscott, we talk about how she began photographing mothers and babies in a prison nursery. Cheryl talks about her background in photography and her years as a midwife. Cheryl also talks about the photographs she’s made for the organization Midwives for Haiti.

If you’ve felt like you want to do something with your photography to help someone or something be seen, you’ll love this show. Cheryl has been doing work with her camera for years and has a beautiful body of work to show for it. Some of her work has been far from home, but the prison nursery project is near home.

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The Family Photographer 20: David duChemin – The Soul of the Camera

David in Jodhpur-1534-Edit


Today on the show, I’m thrilled to share my interview with David duChemin.

David is a humanitarian photographer, teacher and author. His new book is The Soul of the Camera. We talk about his new book, why he wrote it and what he hopes readers will take away from reading it.

David tells us about the photos he took in his teens and the scenic route he took to becoming the photographer he is today – a path that included being a comedian and magician. David urges us all to go deeper in this episode of The Family Photographer.


The Family Photographer 19: Chris Orwig

orwig-family065On this episode, I’m sharing my interview with Chris Orwig. Chris is a playful father of three girls, photographer, author and teacher. He recently taught a class on Creative Live called Capturing Authentic Photos of Children & Families. He’s the author of many books including The Creative Fight, Visual Poetry and People Pictures.

orwig-family064Chris shares how a massive hard drive failure showed him how important his family photos were to him. He also shares an exercise to help us slow down with our cameras and just use one button. A listener asks if he has a good photo of each of his family members. If he doesn’tdoes he have the same pit in his stomach she has when she thinks about the photo that doesn’t yet exist of that person? A few other things we talk about are being present as parents and photographers, insurance and the idea of luck.

Find out more about Chris on his website.


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The Family Photographer 18: Andrew Hellmich – First Steps to a Successful Photography Business


Andrew Hellmich_013Today on the podcast, it’s an interview with Andrew Hellmich. Andrew is a wedding photographer based on the Central Coast of Australia. He’s also the father of two boys and the host of the the Photo Biz X podcast – a podcast all about the business of wedding and portrait photography. It’s an amazing podcast if you are thinking about starting a photography business or if you currently run one.

On today’s show, we talk about how Andrew got started in wedding photography and also why he didn’t photograph his boys growing up very much. Andrew answers some listener questions about what the most important first steps are in going into business.

Andrew Andrew Hellmich_009says what he learned from Bernie Griffith about Facebook ads is he’s learned from his podcast that has had the biggest impact on his business.

Listen to the PhotoBizX episode with Bernie Griffith.

Check out the Facebook Ads Course

Download the How to Write a Kick Ass About Page PDF we talked about in the episode.

Andrew’s Podcasts: PhotoBizX, PhotoExperiment


The Family Photographer 17: Virginia Greuloch on Using Photography to See Ourselves and Our Families

Head Shot Click Away 2016 Virginia Greuloch-2Today on the show, I’m sharing a conversation with Virginia Greuloch. Virginia is a mother, photographer and teacher who radiates enthusiasm for photography. She photographs her family and clients in the Cleveland, Ohio area and right now she’s teaching her first Click Photo School workshop – Connected – Images with Heart.

On today’s show, we talk about the Pinterest perfect photos she took when she first became and mother and why that is not the kind of photo she takes these days. Virginia talks about her Big Why – how she came to understand why she was making photographs and she says its important to know your big why if you want your photos to be true to yourself. After we talk about know why we take our photos, we also talk about who we take them for – our audience – whether it’s potential clients, faraway family friends, our future selves or our children or our grandchildren.

virginia-001I met Virginia at a Click Away photo conference and we started laughing right away. When she’s photographing her own family and her own she wants everyone to have a great time – if they didn’t like having their photos taken, they won’t love the photos. What’s the point? Virginia shares some of the games she introduces to the people she’s photographing to encourage real connection and joy.

Many of us are guilty of photographing others without taking the time, energy and money to have our own family photographed. Virginia tells us about having her own family photographed lovingly by her friend, Antonieta Esis.

And, finally Virginia talks about her passion when teaching other photographers – that they be thrilled and proud of what they make.

In the interview with Virginia Greuloch, I talked about photos my daughter took of me and the new baby. I was excited that my daughter wanted to know how to get the exposure right and also what changing the shutter speed did. So exciting. And, it’s great to have photos of me and my new little girl.

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The Family Photographer 16: Michelle Gardella

meOn this episode, I’m sharing an interview with Michelle Gardella. Michelle is a wife, mother, photographer and teacher. Michelle is known for her River Stories – stunning photos of women in rivers. I talked to Michelle last year on TWiP Family. We talked about the beginnings of her River Stories on that show.

Michelle teaches a class through the Define School titled, Foundations of Black and White. On this episode, we talk about her class, teaching and black and white. Michelle also shares her thoughts about social media and bringing people together to support one another. Michelle also shares what she asked Maya Angelou when she met her. Enjoy the show.

The Family Photographer 15: Summer Murdock on Making Great Family Photos in Any Light

SummerHeadshotToday on the show, I’m sharing my conversation with Summer Murdock. Summer is a photographer, teacher and mother of four. Along with Jennifer Tonetti Spellman, she launched the online photography school – Illuminate. She teaches a wildly popular class several times a year titled, The Magic of Light.

Light is what today’s show is all about. Summer talks about making great family photos in any kind of light. She says – if your mind is telling you to leave the camera at home because the light isn’t good – question that. We talk about how she learned to embrace bright mid day sun as well as her abiding love for the light in the last hour of the day – golden hour.

We do our best to talk about how to make great backlit images – there are some things that are hard to describe and follow in an all audio format. Summer also talks about why she continues to love taking daily photos and how it has made her a stronger photographer and her recent experimentation with Drones.

I hope you enjoy is interview with Summer Murdock.


The Family Photographer 14: Ashleigh Raddatz on Documentary Family Photography

IMG_7146 (1)This week’s guest is Ashleigh Raddatz. She is a family documentary photographer and mother of two young boys.  Ash talks about her personal project, Always August, about her son who is on the autism spectrum. She photographs his rituals, good times and hard times too.



Along with her friend, Lia Edwards, Ashleigh has recently launched a website, Documentary Family Photographers. The aim of their website is to help families looking for documentary style photography find photographers who specialize in documentary. They also want the site to help documentary family photographers learn from each other. Ash and Lia are offering listeners to the podcast 20% off with the code famphoto20. You can sample the conversations photographers are having by joining the Facebook group. Long time listeners will find familiar faces there. Kirsten Lewis, Zalmy Berkowitz, Davina Fear, and Francesca Russell are all members of the group.

Connect with Ashleigh: Website, Facebook, Instagram


The Family Photographer 13: Tara Whitney

tarawhitney16_0107When Tara had three small children, her husband bought her a camera and said, “You’ve got to do something for yourself.” (What a guy.) Tara started sharing her photos on a blog for her family. The blog grew and people asked her if she’d photograph their families the way she photographed her own. I ask Tara how she felt then and feels now about sharing photos of her kids online. She talks about what precautions she has taken, and how sharing about her family has changed as the kids have gotten older.

We talk about why Tara enjoys using film and what it was like having Jon Canlas photograph her family. (Jon talked about photographing Tara’s family on episode 13 of TWiP Family.) We talk about the fine line between being inspired when looking at other photographers’ work and feeling discouraged by comparison. And we talk about the times when the emotion of a photo trumps technical perfection.

The Family Photographer 12: Lauren Lim on Shooting Awesome Video

On this episode, I talk with Lauren Lim of Photography Concentrate about how to shoot awesome video. Shooting video is more complicated than taking still photos of our family. Why should you bother? Lauren tells us what is special about video and why it’s worth the trouble. We talk about some of the technical considerations of video and why it’s not as hard as you think.

Lauren and Rob have created a thorough and unintimidating tutorial all about Shooting Awesome Video. If you’d like to win the tutorial, leave a comment. A winner will be chosen randomly from the comments on March 7.

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