The Family Photographer 26: Nick Kelsh on How to Photograph Your Life

This episode is an interview with Nick Kelsh. These days Nick teaches people like you and me at How To Photography Your Life. Nick has been making photos since he was in junior high and has years of experience. He’s been a newspaper photographer, collaborated with Anna Quindlen on the books Naked Babies and Siblings and his photograph of a baby is on the cover of A Day in the Life of China.

I was introduced to Nick when my oldest was a baby and I got his book, How to Photography Your Baby. It’s a book that is full of great ideas for photographing the baby in your life.

On today’s show, Nick tells us what will help make better photos right away – photograph someone you love close up in great light. Nick says people think learning aperture, shutter speed and ISO is the hard part. He says what’s harder to learn is how to appreciate the quality of light and good composition. We talk about the photos we can make at home in the drama of every day life. We also talk about the photos Nick took and didn’t take when he son was born early and was in the NICU.

Nick’s classes on Basic Photography, Going Manual, Portraits and Lighting, Editing in Lightroom and Smartphone Photography. Classes start September 11.

Here is an example of doing what Nick talks about – photographing someone you love close up in beautiful light. On the show we talk about making great portraits like this in your garage.

We also talk about the drama of life with kids. Nick tells us about making this series of baseball photos.

Find Nick on his website and Facebook.

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2 thoughts to “The Family Photographer 26: Nick Kelsh on How to Photograph Your Life”

  1. Hi Jenny… I have been doing catch up listens to your podcasts.. and I do listen to a few other podcasts as each of them gives something different to each listener. Just today listening to your podcast with Nick Kelsh, well I can’t finish it yet… I keep rewinding and listening to segments over and over…
    Blown my mind and has really resonated with me when he talks about his … drama … I love those moments in life .. that drama…i shoot my boys playing footy a lot…amongst other things and keen to move to portraits ..which is coming up…but the moments around the team not just the action that I really love to see and capture … thanks so much for this episode and to Nick for sharing …you guys knocked this one out of the park!!

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