Glad You Stopped By

There are people don’t like surprise visitors. I am not one of them. I love it when friends stop by.

I’m glad you stopped here. Is there something you’d like to say? Comment below or send me and email at

~ Jenny

17 thoughts on “Glad You Stopped By

  1. Hi Jenny! You and I must have been on the same wavelength this new year! 🙂 I’m so happy to be catching up on your beautiful photos and thoughtful words.

    1. Hi Gil,
      Thank you! I appreciate you taking time to write that.
      Keep listening and let me know if there’s anything or anyone you’d like to hear on the show.


  2. Jenny! Woohoo!!! I found you! Until today, I was wondering when TWIP Family was coming back after the holidays. A quick google search of your name steered me here. I’m so happy to see you never stopped and are doing your own thing! I love your show and am looking forward to catching up from episode one:)

    1. Hi Jeff,

      Glad you found me easily and hope you enjoy the recent episodes. Starting this week it’s bi-weekly for awhile but still chugging along.

      Thanks for listening.


  3. Thank you for sharing insights, failures/successes- it’s encouraging. A friend of mine has recommended I listen to your podcast several times… and I’ve procrastinated (i.e.- who has time to listen to podcasts? ha!) But I am so glad I peeked in, and will be “making time” to listen in so I can glean more from your experiences.

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