The Family Photographer 25: Erin Blinn

In this episode, I ask Erin how she feels about being the family photographer and how she shares her photos with her family. Erin joined the 365 Flickr group last summer. I talk with her about what inspired her to start a project and how the doing the project helped her see her life in new ways. Erin now serves as staff photographer for a children’s hospital. prior to that she was a full time wedding and family photographer. I ask her about why she changed and what she’s learning at her new job. It was pleasure to have this conversation with Erin and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it too.

Some things we talked about in the show:

Charity Water

The movie 45 Years

This episode of This American Life

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3 thoughts to “The Family Photographer 25: Erin Blinn”

  1. Thanks for the great episode! It was nice to hear your story, Erin. Your voice sounds exactly like a close family friend of ours, so I kept picturing her while you were talking.

    And by the way, Jenny, I use a program called GetBackUp Pro 3. It’s a simple way to synchronize two drives. So instead of copying the pictures over to each drive separately, you tell the program to sync your main hard drive with your back up. I had a similar problem last December and was able to just plug in my backup and keep on working.

  2. I am always thrilled to see a new episode come out, listening to Jenny and her guests always brightens up my commute and my whole week! This episode was especially inspiring, Erin you are a very strong woman, thanks for sharing your story. I always learn something new, like the ability to make very economical photo magazines from Blurb that Erin shared, and the importance of backing up my hard drive from Jenny. I think I will try the Blurb magazine for my 100 days of summer project. I just made a nice panoramic photo book for my more formal photos but it would be fun to print them all in a photo magazine. Keep up the great work Jenny, I absolutely love your podcast!

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