The Family Photographer 18: Andrew Hellmich – First Steps to a Successful Photography Business


Andrew Hellmich_013Today on the podcast, it’s an interview with Andrew Hellmich. Andrew is a wedding photographer based on the Central Coast of Australia. He’s also the father of two boys and the host of the the Photo Biz X podcast – a podcast all about the business of wedding and portrait photography. It’s an amazing podcast if you are thinking about starting a photography business or if you currently run one.

On today’s show, we talk about how Andrew got started in wedding photography and also why he didn’t photograph his boys growing up very much. Andrew answers some listener questions about what the most important first steps are in going into business.

Andrew Andrew Hellmich_009says what he learned from Bernie Griffith about Facebook ads is he’s learned from his podcast that has had the biggest impact on his business.

Listen to the PhotoBizX episode with Bernie Griffith.

Check out the Facebook Ads Course

Download the How to Write a Kick Ass About Page PDF we talked about in the episode.

Andrew’s Podcasts: PhotoBizX, PhotoExperiment


One thought to “The Family Photographer 18: Andrew Hellmich – First Steps to a Successful Photography Business”

  1. Love listening to your podcast Jenny!! This one was one of my faves so far….lots of down-to-earth helpful reminders and hints to further my efforts!! I am a mom of 2 and just starting a family photography biz….so i find lots of helpful info in every episode. I loved what you said in this episode about how when your kids are little you complain about how much they want to be with you. I laughed out loud as I spent all day going to the bathroom with my five year old, because she just couldn’t be without me for 2 min!! I will be more comfortable just shutting the door on the messy rooms knowing it won’t last forever, and I am not alone!
    Thank you!!
    Kristi Tamcsin

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