The Family Photographer 17: Virginia Greuloch on Using Photography to See Ourselves and Our Families

Head Shot Click Away 2016 Virginia Greuloch-2Today on the show, I’m sharing a conversation with Virginia Greuloch. Virginia is a mother, photographer and teacher who radiates enthusiasm for photography. She photographs her family and clients in the Cleveland, Ohio area and right now she’s teaching her first Click Photo School workshop – Connected – Images with Heart.

On today’s show, we talk about the Pinterest perfect photos she took when she first became and mother and why that is not the kind of photo she takes these days. Virginia talks about her Big Why – how she came to understand why she was making photographs and she says its important to know your big why if you want your photos to be true to yourself. After we talk about know why we take our photos, we also talk about who we take them for – our audience – whether it’s potential clients, faraway family friends, our future selves or our children or our grandchildren.

virginia-001I met Virginia at a Click Away photo conference and we started laughing right away. When she’s photographing her own family and her own she wants everyone to have a great time – if they didn’t like having their photos taken, they won’t love the photos. What’s the point? Virginia shares some of the games she introduces to the people she’s photographing to encourage real connection and joy.

Many of us are guilty of photographing others without taking the time, energy and money to have our own family photographed. Virginia tells us about having her own family photographed lovingly by her friend, Antonieta Esis.

And, finally Virginia talks about her passion when teaching other photographers – that they be thrilled and proud of what they make.

In the interview with Virginia Greuloch, I talked about photos my daughter took of me and the new baby. I was excited that my daughter wanted to know how to get the exposure right and also what changing the shutter speed did. So exciting. And, it’s great to have photos of me and my new little girl.

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