Join the Week of Daily Photos Project

Join me in a daily photo project starting Wednesday, November 29.

It’s simple. We’ll make a photo a day and share it with a group of listeners like you. My hope is that you’ll learn something new about photography and see something new about your life too.

I will send you encouraging emails daily with an idea for a photo of the day if you need it. You are invited to share your photos in a private Flickr group.

This was my favorite photo from the October week of daily photos project. Me and the baby, taken by my twelve year old through my old Speed Graphic camera. Would I have taken the time to make this photo without the daily photo project? Uh, no. I love the way these projects push me to go the extra mile and make photos I love.

speed graphic, self portrait, the family photographer podcast

These are the other photos I made for the last photo project.

Another thing I love about these projects, is seeing you and little glimpses of life from all around the world.

If you’d like to be part of the group, join now. You do not have to use a fancy camera or have little kids to be part of the fun. We’ll be starting next Wednesday, November 29th and finishing on December 5. It’s a cold and dark time of year around here. It helps to have a reason to get out the camera!

The cost? Your time, effort, and $7.

My hope is that for your time, effort and seven dollars you’ll learn something new about making photos, see you life with new eyes and enjoy the good company of the group.


Questions? Ask away –