The Family Photographer 33: Sandra Coan on Creating Your Dream Photography Business

Todays guest is Sandra Coan. Sandra is a mother of twin boys who photographs families and newborns on film in her Seattle studio. Sandra is been in business for seventeen years and loves sharing what she’s learned with other photographers.

On today’s show, Sandra tells us about the path she took to discover what she does. She didn’t start shooting film in a studio. she did some photojournalistic weddings along the way. Sandra also talks about finding out who her people were – the people who wanted exactly what she wanted to make – and how to communicate with them. If you are starting a photography business or run one now, you’ll love listening to Sandra’s enthusiasm for business and also for helping others have as much success and fun as she’s having with her photography business. Even if you have no interest in ever starting a photography business – you’ll still love hearing from someone who has created a life they love so thoroughly.

Watch Sandra’s Creative Live Class. Check out LadyBoss Workshop.

Listen to my conversation with Sandra about studio lighting on TWiP Family.


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