The Family Photographer 31: Elena Blair on Beautifully Posed Family Photos

I’m thrilled to share this interview with Elena Blair. Elena is a mother of three who photographs newborns and families in the Seattle area. She loves sharing what she’s learned about making family photos and running a business and has created many resources for family photographers. Elena recently recorded a great class on Creative Live titled Lifestyle Family Photography – Posing and Direction.

In this podcast interview with Elena Blair, we talk about why she feels family photography is important. Has it ever seemed to you like wedding photography or commercial photography is real photography and family photography is just this little thing we like to do? Elena feels strongly that family photography isn’t less important than other genres.

Elena shares with us how she thinks about posing families. She’s not talking about stiff or formal posing but she does pose her families. This conversation isn’t just for people who photograph other people’s families. You can use her posing ideas when photographing your own family, your brother’s family or your parents.

Elena talks about the moment she stopped posing newborns and what inspires her when she photographs newborns now.

Find out more about Elena: Website, Instagram, Facebook

A big thanks, as always, to my sound editor, Suzanne Llewellyn, for putting all the pieces together and making the show sound great.

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