The Family Photographer 29: Xanthe Berkeley on Making Family Films

Today’s show is a interview with Xanthe Berkeley. Xanthe is a mother of two boys who lives in London. She loves making photos and films of her life. She also teaches others how to make every day films of their lives.

In today’s conversation Xanthe talks about why she loves making films, and how she makes them. If you are familiar with her work, you will enjoy hearing her talk about how she doesn’t crash when filming herself biking.

We talk about the music she uses in her films and why you can’t just use your favorite tunes in the films you post on Facebook. xanthe’s makes films every weekend – She talks about how she keeps it fresh and challenges herself. We talk about the courses she’s teaching these days and what she enjoys most about teaching people how to make time capsule films. This conversation really encouraged me to make more little movies of life – even if I don’t have time to edit them at the moment. I hope you too are inspired by this conversation with Xanthe Berkely.

Find out more about Xanthe and see more of her work: Website, Instagram, Online Courses, Twitter, Facebook

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