A Trip to Christmasland

My husband’s work takes him all around Western Pennsylvania.  On one of his many trips up north to Sharon, PA, he found Kraynak’s and their Christmasland display.  

There are themed displays of lights and Christmas trees on an indoor path through part of the store.  We’ve gone an few times and I’ve tried with different lenses and with and without flash to get a feeling for the place.  These do as good a job as any I’ve taken in that they show the kids just enjoying the lights.

Seeing my big girl carry around my little girl like this doesn’t get old for me.  

After Kraynaks, we headed over to Daffins candy store.  There we met with our favorite Santa to discuss school, gifts and what to leave out for Santa and his reindeer on Christmas Eve.  He said, “Scratch the cookies and milk.  I’d like some pasta and broccoli.” Avery looked puzzled and said, “Scratch the cookies?”

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