Square One

Games. Unlike so many things I begin, they have clear starting point, a list of rules, an object of the game and a finish line. Many times I have said to an angry or crying child, “It’s just a game.” Just? While I can picture the playing pieces flying when the board is tossed into the air, I have never seen one of my kids sigh and say, “Oh, right. It’s a game. I chose to play for fun.”

Last January, my brother, Joe, started a 365 Project on Flickr. He planned to post a photo on Flickr from every day of the year. Just three days in, he was feeling unsure about it.

I said, “Who cares what your pictures are like? The process of doing it every day will change you and your photography.”

I got off the phone. I folded a few towels and called him back. “It sounds like something I should do too.” We talked some more. I said, “Okay. I’ll do it. I’ll figure a few things out and start soon.” 

Joe said, “I’ll be looking for your photo later today.”

Game on.

I didn’t consider what was going on in the next week, month or year that would interfere with doing this kind of project or how the project would fit into my life. I didn’t have any idea of the kind of photos I would be taking for every day for a year. As far as sharing photos, I didn’t know what I was doing. I had posted some photos on Facebook and uploaded one photo to Flickr a year and a half before. But, Joe was waiting on the other side of the country for a picture, so I got started.

I finished that project about a month ago. 

It is in the same spirit that I’m starting this blog. I’ve figured out just enough to get started. I’ll figure the rest out as I go. It’s just a game.


8 thoughts to “Square One”

  1. You've finished the 365 project? I have LOVED your photos. They were my main reason for going onto FaceBook. I'll have to figure out how to follow your blog. Well done, Jenny. Keep up the inspired art work!

  2. Thanks for letting me know that you have started this new project. I have MISSED your daily photos. This looks lovely. Please post me every time you add something.

  3. Thanks for this, Jenny. How appropriate it is right at this moment, as I am sitting in front of the computer composing a blog post of my own. I've never thought of it this way before – as just a game. As you know, I tend to get caught up on the audience question. But, thinking of it as a game certainly helps to lift the pressure. . .

    I'll put a link to your game on my game, and thank goodness no one is keeping score!

  4. Jenny blogging = very wonderful news. I've missed your daily photos very much, and am so glad that you've found a way to continue sharing your work with the world. And a blog is perfect for you, since you're just as gifted with words as you are with photos.

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