64: A True Friend

My dear friend, Zane, lives 150 miles from Grand Rapids, where we were for Savanna’s dance competition. I couldn’t stand the thought of being so close and not seeing her. I also couldn’t make sense of adding three hundred miles to an already challenging trip.

I was thrilled when Zane said they would come to Grand Rapids and the dance competition to see us. I know traveling with kids isn’t easy. Zane and her husband, Jeffrey, not only made the trip on Thanksgiving weekend but also watched and supported Savanna (and me) during her competition.

Zane lived in Pittsburgh when we met. She was pregnant with her first baby and I was getting ready to welcome my second. They moved to Michigan when our babies were a year old.  After her family moved, they came back a few times to visit. We write letters, email and talk on the phone.  

You know what it’s like when you see a great friend after time apart – we picked up as if no time had passed.  I was reminded that it had been years since we’d seen each other when I looked at her second daughter who I’d only seen in pictures before.

I appreciate how much time and energy Zane and her family spent to come see us in Grand Rapids.  It made an enormous difference to me to have the chance to see them and to have their humor and support while Savanna danced.

This last photo was taken by Zane’s husband, Jeffrey. (We thought about taking Augusta’s granola bar from her, but realized a wrapper was less distracting than a furious child.)

3 thoughts to “64: A True Friend”

  1. Such kind words, Jenny! We loved being there: watching graceful Savanna, talking with you; meeting your Mom and your baby girl!

    And I love the black-and-white photo of our family. . .

  2. Hello Jenny,
    The pictures are lovely…..I am glad that you and Zane are friends and that the friendship has reached across the miles!
    Your newest baby reminds me of pictures of Avery.

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