26|40 Gulp

Finally that very wiggly tooth wiggled free.  It happened while she was eating pizza with me last Saturday afternoon.  I looked at her and said, “You lost your tooth!”  She looked back at me and then felt for the tooth.  It was gone.  We looked in her piece of pizza and on her plate.  Gone.  

She wrote a note to the tooth fairy:

Tooth Fairy, 

I lost my tooth but I swallowed it.  Can you still come?  I am happy.

(She came.)

In a busy house, it’s nice to take a few moments with just one kid to take note of a milestone. 

I took this right before bedtime. I discovered that this is a great time for photographing my kids.  They are very cooperative since it is buying them a little more time before they have to get in bed.  

I used my flash for this one.  Before I got used to using flash, I just put my camera away after dark.  I still love natural light, but I don’t feel limited to it.  I bounced the flash off the ceiling in the bedroom.  I’ll get one of the girls to take a photo of me doing this sometime soon.   

One thought to “26|40 Gulp”

  1. A picture … isn't that how we LOST Makenna's tooth in the gravel? Maybe the twin cousins will have many events besides their birthdays as a twin experience!

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