Autumn’s Doorstep

I loved playing with acorns as a child.  Last night I collected a coffee can full of big acorns from our neighbor’s lawn.  My little girl played with them this morning.  She put them in the can, took them out, put them in…

1/125:: f4.0::100mm macro lens 

I took the above photo of the acorns specifically for the banner.  I was thinking about how to make a long rectangle and how to make the pair of acorns stand out.  Here’s how I did it:

The green stand is made of some modeling beeswax that was handy.  (I’ve used this trick before.)  I made sure there was lots of room around acorn pair to allow for cropping.

I used the macro lens because I wanted lots of detail.

6 thoughts to “Autumn’s Doorstep”

  1. Thanks for the making-of. It seems that might be something that many people would do in post-processing – it's awesome that you set up your "layers" with beeswax. 🙂

  2. we love acorns too. Cal fills up his pockets. I noticed some on a walk the other day so they must be read out here too! I love your new banner. Acorns are perfect for fall and I like how you made the group stand up to get the perfect shot. Great post!

  3. Thank you both. I wouldn't know how to do the same thing in post! And, I would rather spend time in the yard than the computer…
    She's still enjoying the acorns today. I remember putting them in my pockets like Cal.

  4. The first thing I saw when I clicked on your blog was your beautiful banner . . . then I read the post about how you did it. Thanks for the tips, and I'm looking forward to seeing more about your "Pogo Project" (just hope your daughter is better at pogo-ing than I was!) Happy fall!

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