Try It: Splash!

I have a good friend that often reminds me that summer isn’t over until September 21st.  We’re still splashing away here.

1/500: f4.5

1/5000: f5.0

1/5000: f5.0

I love taking photos of my kids playing in water.  I know… you’re worried about your camera getting wet.  This is another time that my 100mm lens comes in handy.  With the 100mm lens I don’t have to get too close.  I point, shoot and then turn away before the water hits me.  I do get a few drops on the camera sometimes but I just wipe them off.  

My boy has loved this pool this summer and didn’t need much encouragement to splash for these photos. 

If you want to freeze the water, a fast shutter speed is in order.  Set your camera to shutter priority (Tv) and set it to at least 1/500 – higher is good.  

Summer isn’t over yet.  This week, Try It, splash around.

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