Try It: Sneak Around

It is so tempting to get your child’s attention for a photo.  I know.  We adore their lovely faces.  

But this week, sneak up on them.  Quietly.  Don’t get their attention.  Stay outside the room if possible.  

Maybe even catch them at some mischief.

I have an advantage here.  I get my camera out every day.  To my kids it is a non-event.  The more often you can get your camera out without imposing on your child, the more they will ignore you.

You can gain this advantage too – but it will take some time and some discipline. (No: “Look over here honey!”)  They are used to giving you a smile and waiting until you go about your business.

When you are done capturing them quietly, go ahead and say, “Hey!”

This week TRY IT: Sneak Around and see what happens.

Send me anything you’ve tried, this week or any other week ~

Have a great week!

One thought to “Try It: Sneak Around”

  1. Can't wait to see what your photo comrades try! Some of my best pictures (Ben with powder all over his face in front of my dressing table mirror) were "sneakers". Nice to see you have an email site to collect them:

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