47 : 365 Comfortable. Quiet.

I went away from home for a week. I was at a camp I started going to when I was eight. I will write more about camp tomorrow but tonight I will say something about doing a 365 Project and falling behind.

It’s hard to come home with hundreds of photos from an experience I loved and keep going with a daily photo.I’m overwhelmed looking at all the photos, missing the people in the photos, seeing how sweet it was and think – which photo do I choose? Which one is the photo from that day. There are too many.  Which do I choose? I can post more but then I need to edit them first.  That will take too long.  One. Just choose one.

Meanwhile, I need to remember to take a photo for the day I am presently living at home.  Should it be of all the laundry from camp? Of the mopey, tired kids? Or just our trip to the library that we go on every Monday?

When I did a year of photos three years ago, it was the times that I was “behind” that were the hardest for me.   

Tonight. One photo from Monday of camp last week. A quiet moment of my friend, Tiffany, and her little girl.  My favorite kind of time: comfortable and quiet.

One thought to “47 : 365 Comfortable. Quiet.”

  1. I quite liked the violation of one-picture-a-day rule on the swimming post, I think you can give yourself a bit more leeway in that respect 🙂

    The way I deal with that is I take my laptop to the holiday and star/mark pictures and process ones that were chosen. Doesn’t take longer than 20-30 minutes each day.

    I have an empty Lightroom install on the laptop, so it’s quite easy to then import all files upon return to the master library.

    Remember, 365 is for you and you’re allowed some time off, there’s noone waiting to tell you you failed 😉

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