36: Aaron Thompson on Making Family Photos in Good Times and Bad

Today on the show I’m talking with Aaron Thompson. Aaron is a father of three who owns many, many cameras yet is brand agnostic. He’s a portrait photographer based in Utah who has done a wide variety of photography and film work. I discovered his work on Flickr and asked him to be a guest on the show. I’m so glad I did. We talk about the first digital camera he bought for 1000 dollars that could do so little compared to what we’re used to now. Aaron talks about why he loves photographing his children in their real and sometimes sad or sick moments. We talk about taking photos in hard times, why he doesn’t delete photos and how he feels about using both DSLRS and  mirrorless cameras. Enjoy the show.

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5 thoughts to “36: Aaron Thompson on Making Family Photos in Good Times and Bad”

  1. What a wonderful interview. This was particularly inspiring to me to get more photos of family members. Your casual conversational style is wonderful to listen to. Thank you for this inspiration.

    1. Hi Dennis,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the interview with Aaron. I loved talking with him. I love hearing that the episode inspired you to get more photos of your family. That is my hope with every show – that people are inspired to make photos they love of the people dearest to them.

      Thanks for writing,


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