The Family Photographer 22: Tim Coulson on Photographing the Essence of Family Life

Screenshot 2017-07-10 21.52.00In this podcast interview with Tim Coulson, we talk about the how Tim’s love of making photographs began. And we talk about how he loves photographing his family using film.

I contacted Tim after reading this:

A deep lesson I’ve learned is that there’s a really fine line between documenting the essence of something and over-documenting to where you become withdrawn from what you’re really doing. I don’t want to get to a place where we have an incredible amount of photos detailing our lives, and realize I was only paying attention to my camera. I want to be here, actually here, for all of it, and I want to document our life in a true way. But, as important as it is to document life, what is by far more important is to be in your life.

We talk about this and much more on the show this week.

Join me next week for a week of daily photos.

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