Hairpin Turns

Benches: Late Winter

I was enjoying the idea of packing up the snowsuits and boots that litter the entrance to our house. But, I’d rather leave them out a little too long than to have to go back to the basement for them. I have learned that winter doesn’t give up so easily and that the march toward spring is not without twists and turns.

It would be easier if things moved in a straight line.

My baby sleeps all night for a week and not again for months. She doesn’t need a diaper for weeks and then, “Honey? Are you peeing on the floor?!?” She loves broccoli and then complains when it appears on her plate. What is wrong with her?

All week the kids enjoy each other’s company, the laundry is clean, we laugh easily and their schoolwork is done with enthusiasm. We’ve figured it out. Then, cold air blows in from the north and nothing is quite right. Fights break out, the laundry piles grow and I look at the clock thinking, “Is it too early to put them to bed?” What am I doing wrong?

While working on my 365 Project last year, I would enjoy some days of success. I was excited to carry my camera, I had more ideas than I knew what to do with and I watched encouraging comments on my Flickr page flow in. I loved the project. I was on a roll. Until I wasn’t. I would look a the photos from the day and think, “Really? This is the best I could do today? I have to post one of these?” No one had anything to say about my work, and who could blame them? I wanted to throw in the towel. Why did I say I would do this? 

I trust the progress of the seasons regardless of the 180 degree turns. And now on to trusting my own progress and the paths my children take as they grow.

This snowdrop did not shrivel when the snow came back. Tomorrow it may see some sunshine.



Simple Technical Information: Both of these photos were taken with my new 100mm macro lens. For the first photo I wasn’t using its macro capabilities, and in the second I was. My interest in macro (close up) photography is new to me. Before last year, my photos were focused on people. But, committing to produce a photo every day pushed me to look for other subjects. In the past, I have used my 50mm lens for close ups because it was the better of the two lenses I owned. A non-macro 50mm lens requires eighteen inches between the lens and the subject so I would crop the photo for a close up look. That was working to an extent but I’m glad I have this new lens to work with. 

3 thoughts to “Hairpin Turns”

  1. Thanks for giving voice to the struggle and sight to the beauty of one familiar pattern in conflict with another, as in the newly sprouting daffodils, crocuses … and snow drops that we see these days, pushing up hopefully and courageously through one more fresh blanket of snow.

  2. I often think one of the hardest things about being a parent is the constant change. Once you figure it out, time for something new! I really like your insight here. The new lens is amazing!

  3. Those snowdrops are stunning. I love to see a beautiful image of a flower like this – larger than life.

    Yes, the march towards spring is full of twists and turns. . . and such is the march towards rebirth!

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