Quiet Time Art

I was upstairs putting my little boy down for his nap and hoping to get a nap after he went to sleep. The girls know how important it is to be quiet during this delicate time and the side of their mother they’ll see if they’re noisy.  On this day, I noticed it was remarkably quiet. It was the kind of quiet that gets me worried.  Once, I was getting ready for house guests and feeling happy that they were being quiet and occupied.  I went outside to find them in the backyard painting the sidewalk, the trees and themselves with Tempura paint.  Today they were also painting themselves, but with face paints, carefully, quietly, beautifully.  I delayed my nap to get some photos of their work.

We washed off the paint at bedtime but saw little bits of white and yellow for days afterward.  

When I got my new macro lens, these were the kinds of photos I was hoping to take. I love the texture of their skin and the detail of their lashes.  I’m very nearsighted and wear glasses all the time.  When they ask me to get in bed with them, I take off my glasses and see this kind of detail in their faces as they talk to me and go to sleep.

3 thoughts to “Quiet Time Art”

  1. Your photos are a joy.
    I have been shooting since I was 8 (so it has been a long time) but your images seem effortless in capturing the delight that is all around you.
    I am always inspired by seeing your images and I use them to get my girls to cooperate a little more with me. They are teens so less inclined to sit for dad.

    Thank you!

    P.S. Your brother is right, you are an amazing photographer!

  2. This is a beautiful series. I love to see them carefully painting each other's face. Bright and Beautiful. Interesting to hear about your eyesight too. Makes sense about why you would like to get close.

  3. These closeups are stunning. The colors, the details, the progression . . . how wonderful that you captured their work (and I hope you got a little nap afterward!).

    I love the last photo of the two of them. Your girls are so blessed to have each other.

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