Six Months

This first photo is from January. It is from the delightful second trimester of pregnancy. 

During this time, the kids would get excited about feeling the baby.  When I would sit down, they would ask, “Is the baby moving now?” Hiccups were fun since they offered more chances at feeling something.  My oldest girl asked what it felt like for me when the baby moved.  I tried to describe it and realized that there is nothing to compare it to.  It is a feeling like nothing else.

From experience, it is a feeling I know I’ll miss.  After our baby is born, I’ll feel some rumbling and think to myself, “There’s the baby.”  Then I’ll look down at the actual baby and think, “No.  Here’s the baby.”

Nine Months

One thought to “Time”

  1. I remember describing that feeling to someone that I imagined my belly was a goldfish bowl and there was a little goldfish fluttering around. That was in early pregnancy. later pregnancy definitely does not feel like a little goldfish!

    Very excited to meet the new baby (and my bag is packed…)

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