Two Months

She was smiling and cooing while I was changing her last night.  It was warm outside and the light was gentle.  I wasn’t feeling like I needed to take more pictures of my dear little one, but why not?  I put on her best outfit (seen here) and went out to the back yard.  She is laying on a changing pad covered with black velvet for two of the photos and with a wooly mattress pad for the other.  I love pictures of her in her environment with family and friends holding her. I also like pictures like these that take away other distractions and focus on her.

2 thoughts to “Two Months”

  1. Wonderful work. My wife and I are expecting another little one ourselves, and would love to capture some photos in this style. How do you get the black SO black? There is no sheen anywhere. . . . Do you need a certain kind of velvet? Thanks.

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