Twenty Years from Now

Recently, I was visiting my grandmother.  On her table she had a photo album from my grandfather’s eightieth birthday party, which was about twenty years ago.  Someone had taken photos of the people at each table and lots of candid photos of people enjoying the party.  I was surprised that the least interesting photos to me were of the kids.  Of course my sister who was eight at the time looked young, but look at mom and dad. They were so young. I was also struck by how many people who were at that party had since died, and not all of them in old age.  

The Birthday Girl

My grandmother celebrated her 90th birthday last month.  I brought my camera and made a point of taking photos of the adults.  I did still take some of the kids, I couldn’t resist, but the majority were of the grown ups.  I’m putting together a book for grandma to remember the celebration and to have on her table to show her visitors.  And, it will be there for us to look back on in twenty years and see what has changed.

Here are a few of my favorites from the day:


2 thoughts to “Twenty Years from Now”

  1. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! The photos bring me right back to the events and the FEELINGS of that day. Good job!

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