12|40 Fleeting

My little girl is five months old.  She is fascinated by her fingers and toes.

I set out to capture some details that will be change before we know it: her gummy grin,

her wrinkly-nosed smile,

her surprising curls,and her little lips.One more of the toes…

I was frustrated at how little I was getting done around the house one afternoon.  I decided to head outside with my camera and my girl.  (The dust bunnies sighed with relief.)  I’d been chasing a photo of her playing with her toes for about a month but wasn’t getting what I wanted.  I took off her clothes – which she loves – and put her on a blanket in the shade of our house.  

I tried something different that helped – continuous shooting mode.  Years of using film has left me with a slow and deliberate shutter finger.  I have to remind myself to use continuous shooting when photographing things like jumping and running.  It never occurred to me to use it with a little baby on a blanket.  

The idea to shoot a baby this way came from Me Ra Koh’s Your Baby in Pictures.  

3 thoughts to “12|40 Fleeting”

  1. Beautiful! It is great to that you make the time to capture these fleeting moments like the gums and the tiny toes. Is that a good book? I would love to check it out. I bet she loved having some mommy time outside 🙂

  2. It is a good book. It's a great book for beginners. The technical information is simple and well explained. It has ideas for different age babies and pointers for posing new moms who tend to feel self conscious about their postpartum bodies that you may find useful.

  3. This is such a beautiful series. I love how you provided a final "zoomed out" photo so we could see how you set up the photo shoot.

    Lovely, lovely little girl!

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