22: A Photographer’s Family

My good friend, Christina, asked me to take some photos of her family.  It was a different assignment than usual. She is a great photographer and can get photos of her boys any day of the week.  She wanted me to do what she can’t do: get photos of her family with her in them.  

Christina also asked for some photos with her husband, Matt.  

Christina is a wedding photographer and takes photos of couples all the time.  I was excited to get some shots of her with her husband.  After the wedding, how often do couples get their picture taken?  

They look like newlyweds in the photos, but they’ve been married nine years.  Like many couples with kids, they can find a quiet moment amid chaos! 

When getting both boys in a photo together was proving difficult, we went with just one boy at a time.

May I introduce Christina, Matt and The Head…

A quiet moment with Mom.

The evening light and the boys cooperated in the end for this photo of everyone.

8 thoughts to “22: A Photographer’s Family”

  1. Great work!

    I like the natural posing, and the light and composition.

    A couple of points though – there's some green colour cast on some pictures, due to harsh light reflected from the grass. Lightroom has local corrections for fixing that.

    Also, I'd be tempted to use the Speedlite off camera for a fill – this way the third picture might be lit more evenly, currently we lose a bit of faces to clipping.

    Only one weak picture is the one with chairs, you could leave it out.

    Bt all in all it's seriously good work.

    I suffer from the same problem as your friend – lots of photos of my family without me 🙂

  2. Absolutely Beautiful! While photos like these may not take much time out of our lives, the photos take have an extraordinary(and long) life as part of a family's history. Excellent use of light.

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