8: A Little Beauty

My baby girl finished her dinner (of saltines) well before everyone else was done eating.  She wanted to get down, DOWN!  I grabbed my camera and took her outside so the others could finish in peace.  I thought I’d look for something fallish – a leaf or little flower maybe.  It had been a tough day and looking for a little beauty seemed like a good idea.

We walked up a familiar hill and she looked up at me: a little beauty.

2 thoughts to “8: A Little Beauty”

  1. Hi Marcin,
    I agree with you about the background. I wonder cropping might help too.
    It's interesting when I'm working at posting daily that I have to let go of posting greatness daily. With this one, the photo was part of the story of my evening. Sometimes when I'm frustrated I go out with my camera and find some very cooperative flowers or leaves. The beauty of something simple calms me down and reminds me of simple beauty. On this particular night, it was my little one's beauty that brought me around.
    ~ Jenny

  2. I really like the pose and expression, but it's a shame there isn't more interesting background in this photograph. Maybe adding a small vignette could help to break it up a bit?

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