33: Encouragement

I was getting ready to post this photo last night when Augusta woke up.  I went upstairs to nurse her back to sleep.  I imagined coming back downstairs to my computer to finish posting the photo before I fell asleep.  Then I was asleep.  So there was no photo posted yesterday for my Pogo Project but I have decided not to start back at one.  

I’ve been thinking about encouragement.  I look at this blog regularly and she ends many of her posts, “Encourage one another.”  Lately I have noticed how quickly I become discouraged.  Here’s a recent example.  I noticed how dirty the wall beside our stairs was and went out to get some Magic Erasers.  I had never used them before but had heard that they were magic.  They are.  In no time, the wall beside the stairs was looking much better.  Then I noticed other walls that were dirty and trim that needed to be repainted.  I didn’t feel better off than when I started.  But I was.  

I sometimes blame other people or events for discouraging me.  But I know I have a say.  That is why I’m not starting back at one.  I’m thinking of missing a photo yesterday as a wobble and this is me regaining my balance.  

Boing! Boing!

3 thoughts to “33: Encouragement”

  1. just found your site through virginia and your pictures are stunning. Absolutely beautiful. Wish I was closer so I could hire you to take pictures of my kids!

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