43: Hope

I met Hope while our kids were learning the how to dance the reel.  Hope’s son, Henry, danced in the same class Avery at our Irish dance school.  

We were both expecting our fourth child just a month apart and were both planning to deliver our babies at the Midwife Center of Pittsburgh.  Naturally, we had lots to talk about.

That year, we marched in the St. Patrick’s Day parade with our big bellies poking out of our coats.  (I wish I’d handed someone the camera and gotten a photo of us together that day!)  

Dance class was the only time I saw Hope and her family.  I enjoyed seeing them there and was sad when I heard that they were leaving town.

This summer Hope’s family moved to South Carolina.  In September, Hope was diagnosed with cancer.  She wrote the story of her diagnosis here.  

Hope and her family came to Pittsburgh for a visit this week.  I asked her if she had some time for me to photograph her family.  She asked me to come to a family party.  I spent an hour at the party with Hope and her fun loving family.  It was wonderful to witness the love and support that is surrounding Hope and her family right now.  

There are more photos from the day.  They can be found here.

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