2: Woo Hoo!

She’s marrying my brother in September. Excitement abounds.

f/10: 1/50: ISO 400: 50mmAbout the photo: Three years ago, I was in search of a way to capture the excitement of sledding.  I had a lot of photos of kids on their sleds.  The pictures looked like they were just sitting on their sleds (looking excited) instead of flying down the hill.  After all the snow had melted, I saw a sledding photo done using panning like this one.  I started practicing.  My first success is here.

I did a few pans in a recent family portrait session.  I loved how it captured the boy’s energy.  His family loved it too and chose a photo of him jumping for a wall print.  

4 thoughts to “2: Woo Hoo!”

  1. Excellent news for your brother! Thanks for letting us watch you "jump on your Pogo Stick". Shane and I really look forward to seeing your photos each day. You are very talented.

  2. Can't wait to share this photo with Jill's parents, Don and Jan. A perfect picture of how we all feel about the upcoming wedding in CA!

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