I took my camera on my walk to pick up the girls at school.  I knew there would be some flowers out that had been coaxed out of the ground by this unseasonably warm weather.  

Taking pictures reminds me to take time to notice small things like these crocuses in February.  And at the end of the day I think about the day’s flurry of activity: dishes, sock and shoes, dance class, laundry, dinner, baths, bedtime, and these bold flowers poking through the leaves.

3 thoughts to “Early”

  1. no way! Are the japanese magnolias about to bloom too? Beautiful capture- the light is so soft and romantic. I hate feeling like the other shoe is going to drop on our mild weather. I want to just appreciate what we have today!

  2. I feel a little sad for these early flowers since this is it for them right? When the cold returns they'll get frozen. But, they are such a treat in February!

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