Canon 7D: 50mm 1.4: ISO 400: 1/100 sec: f/2.2 +baby in a carrier on my backAfter I gathered all of the groceries on my shopping list, I used to think, “Okay. Done.”  Only recently did I realize that when everything is in the cart, I still have a long way to go.  I still have to wait in line, put our food on the belt, buy it, put it back in the cart (“Anyone need to go potty before we go home?”), put the bags in the car, drive home, bring everything inside, including the children, and put the food away.  While the hardest part may be done when my cart is full, I’m not done.  I’ve started to think of the checkout line as the halfway point.  Maybe you already realized this, but I just figured it out and I don’t dread going to the store as much anymore.  

We’re all a lot happier now when it’s time to go shopping.

Canon 7D: 50 mm 1.4: ISO 400: 1/320 sec: f/2.2

2 thoughts to “Halfway”

  1. Oh Atticus… you're liguifying my heart 🙂 I always feel deeply gloomy during the part where I have to bring the groceries in side AND put them away, it definitely feels as if I should have been done when I got everything/one into the car…

  2. I love the photo of your little guy in the shopping cart. And I love that you thought ahead to bring your camera with you. . . the brave photographer that you are! Where was the little one? On your back?!

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