Try It: Play with Colors

He didn’t want a haircut, but the yellow lollipop won him over.  I’m not thrilled with my  hair cutting abilities yet, but I’m happy to see his eyes again.  (I’m trying it!)

Recently, I was given a book called 101 Things to Learn in Art School.  It’s a little book with short lessons about art.  I was drawn to the pages about colors.  It’s not something I think about often.  I’m partial to black and white photography.  But there are times when I see how the colors are playing in a scene.  With my blue-eyed boy, I’ve noticed how a shirt or what is behind him can bring out the color in his eyes.  In the above photo, I liked how the red on the stroller also brought out the red of his pouty lips.  

Below is one of the first photos when I really saw the background color bringing out the color of my son’s eyes. (The background is a bedspread at the beach hotel we where we were staying.)

Look around as the spring warmth brings color out where it has been monochrome all winter and try it: play with colors.

I’ve been enjoying thinking about these Try It posts.  It pushes me to think more about my photography. I’ve been thrilled to see the photos showing up in the flickr group.  Thank you for joining me. 

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