35|40 A Hockey Night in Pittsburgh

These two do this almost every night.  My husband can barely get in the door before my boy has both sticks and the puck ready to go out in the street to play.

I’ve been chasing this photo of them playing for awhile.  It was hard to get one that didn’t have cars in the background and had both of them in action.  The light is what inspired me to pick up my camera and I love the way it outlines my boy.

I took out a few distractions in Lightroom.  Here is the picture straight out of the camera.

One thought to “35|40 A Hockey Night in Pittsburgh”

  1. it's great to see the before and after, thank you for that. this shot is really well developed, cropped and cleared of distractions. and really makes me want to go out and play, ahh fond memories of hours and hours of street hockey…

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