Little Lady

Canon 7D: 100mm macro: ISO 320: 1/320 sec: f/3.2We went to Phipps Conservatory today and these little darlings were everywhere.

Since I’ve been including my lens information with all my photos, I have noticed that it’s almost always the 50mm.  I decided to change lenses before leaving today.  This kind of photo is where the 100mm shines.

I didn’t do a lot of editing but I thought I’d include the image as it was straight out of the camera:

More about Phipps and other great gardens can be found here.

2 thoughts to “Little Lady”

  1. I do love my macro so, so much, too!. Just when I think my 50mm is my favorite, I'll pop on my 85mm macro, and think, "No way! THIS one is my favorite!"

    I can't wait for ladybug season here—yours is so cheerful and happy. : )

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